LandS EVENTING LTD Indoor Express Arena Eventing now including the Schools Equestrian Games

Arena Event


27 December, 2020

INDOOR EXPRESSVENTING –   A round of show jumps followed by a Jump for Joy style portable cross country track with knockdown style cross country fences. Clear and closest to the optimum time to win

Festive jumpers a must!


70, 80, 90 &100cm

Now including the Schools Equestrian Games Qualifier.

The championship will be held at Dallas Burston (Date TBC) and more information can be found below





Onley Grounds Farm, Willoughby, Rugby CV23 8AJ

Contact Details


Lloyd Hunt

Event Secretary

Mary Hunt

Event Secretary Contact

Entries Secretary

Entries Secretary Contact


Entries Open:


Entries Close:


Classes and Fees:

Entries: All entries should be made online at

Entry Fee: £36.75 (includes start fee and non refundable booking fee).

All entries are subject to a non refundable booking fee of £1.75 per class

Entries Open 7th December and close 21st December  2020 or earlier if full.

Important Information

Each class will have the following Sections:

Section A: Unaffiliated

Section B: Schools Equestrian Games (SEG) For ALL school children 18 and under.
Please note you school does not need to be registered to enter you just have to be registered to compete at the Final.

School Equestrian Games – Eligibility

Any Schools Equestrian Games event is open to any child attending school with consent from the head teacher to represent the school at competitions (children home schooled can compete).

‘SEG Registration Form’- this form is required to be completed online the first time your school is represented at an SEG competition competing unless specifically stated on the schedule otherwise

Only ONE form is required per school- a list of registered schools is available here if you are unsure whether you are registered.

Click here for the SEG Registration Form.

Entries can be made by a parent with the approval of the school via the ‘SEG Registration Form’.
Individual entries can be made online by Team Manager or Parent
Entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis.

Covid Regulations:

NO SPECTATORS:  One rider is allowed one support person per horse. Juniors allowed two people per rider.

Arrive, Compete, Leave.

No prize givings, rosettes will be posted.