Horse Trials

Offchurch Bury

1 August, 2020

to 2 August, 2020

LandS Eventing Unaffiliated Horse Trials being held at Offchurch Bury, Offchurch, Leamington
Spa, CV33 9AR by kind permission of Mr Harry Johnson.

Entries open now on  and will close Monday 27th July or earlier if  full



Offchurch Bury


Offchurch, CV33 9AR

Contact Details


Lloyd Hunt

Event Secretary

Mary Hunt

Event Secretary Contact

Entries Secretary

Entries Secretary Contact


Entries Open:


Entries Close:


Classes and Fees:

ClassHeightDayDressage Test (BE TESTS)Entry fee Incl Booking fee (non refundable) start Fee & VAT
190cmSatBE95 (2012)£85.00
280cm SatBE92 (2009)£85.00
370cmSatBE91 (2009)£85.00

Entries open now on and will close Monday 27th July or earlier if full

Important Information

PRIZES ~ There will be NO prize giving. Rosettes and prizes will be posted. Please do not wait for
results. These will be posted live on the LandS Eventing Facebook page throughout the day. After
you have finished riding we would ask that you leave the venue.
WITHDRAWALS ~ by phone (but please confirm by email immediately) or email by 1200 on
Monday 31ST July 2020
REFUNDS ~ Wait lists will be kept for all classes which fill. Withdrawals will be eligible for a
refund only if the entry can be replaced from a WL entry or late entry for the same class on the
same day
TIMES ~ available at 1800 on Thursday 30th July 2020
STABLING ~ is not available on site, however if you require a local stabling list then please email as a list can be sent to you.
DRESSAGE & SHOW JUMPING ~ All tests are current British Eventing tests and are available
from . Both the Dressage and Show Jumping will be held
on grass.
CROSS COUNTRY ~ All tracks are aimed at encouraging riders. After a break from running Horse
Trials, work has been done to the going at Offchurch Bury and the Organisers will aim to do
everything possible to ensure good going.
COURSE WALK ~ The course will be available for walking from 2pm on Friday 31st July 2020.
Additional Rules Practices in place for COVID 19
These Conditions are subject to change with the developing guidelines. Please ensure you
are familiar with them prior to coming to the event.
An up to date copy will be attached to the event times
Number of people Entering the site
Currently each Competitor is ONLY allowed to bring 1 additional supporting person with
This person must travel in the vehicle to the event with the rider and ideally be able to
drive the vehicle and horse home in the event of an accident. (if your supporting person is
unable to drive the vehicle you MUST have provisions made to ensure the vehicle and
horse can be removed from the venue)
We also ask that this supporting person must be available to help the rider alongside
medical staff in the event of an accident if required.
The name of the supporting person will be asked for at the time of booking. No extra
people will be allowed onsite other than the rider, named support person, volunteers &
officials. All other people will be asked to leave.
No additional children other than those riding or with volunteers from the same household.
Should this event be cancelled at short notice due to Covid the organisers will retain £25.00
per entry fee to cover costs.
1. The Event will be run in conjunction with British Riding Club Rules
2. Riders may only enter a maximum of 3 horses per day.
3. All hats will have pale blue tags but with the individual discipline logo on it. British &
European PAS015 (1998 or 2011). VG01.040 2014-12*
All the above with BSI Kitemark or Inspec IC Mark.
American ASTM F1163: 2004a onwards with SEI mark
Snell 2001 or 2016 (No other mark is needed with Snell)
Australia & New Zealand AS/NZS 3838 2003 2006 onwards with SAI Global mark
4. Body Protector. A body protector that meets one of the following requirements
is mandatory for Cross Country and whenever else a body protector is worn:
• A British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) approved and appropriately
labelled “Level 3 body protector”, with the year 2000 or 2009 shown on the
label manufactured in the year 2009, 2000 or after,
• An Exo Body Cage which, if worn, must be declared to the Event Secretary prior to the
Cross Country phase.
Inflatable/Air Jackets. If a Competitor chooses to wear an airbag style body protector, it
must be worn over a permitted body protector for the cross country phase.
Inflatable/air jackets may be worn for the show jumping and dressage phases without a
body protector
5. Horses/Ponies must be 4 years old or older.
6. BE points will not apply.
7. Any horse/pony which is considered to be unsound, unfit or unhealthy by a Judge, the
Organiser or the Technical Advisor will be excluded from the competition without refund
of entry.
OBJECTIONS ~ Anyone wishing to make an objection must do so in writing within 30 minutes of
the incident happening along with a £50 deposit. The deposit will be forfeited if the objection is
not sustained.
HEALTH & SAFETY ~ The organiser of this event has taken every reasonable precaution to
ensure the health and safety of every person present. For these measures to be effective
everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and
must obey the instructions of the organiser and all officials and stewards connected with this
event. A copy of the Risk Assessments for this event will be available at the Secretary’s tent.
DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY ~ Save for death or injury by the negligence of the organiser or
anyone for whom they are in law responsible, LandS Eventing Ltd, Offchurch Bury, for
themselves, their servants, agents, employees and all those connected with the Horse Trials do
not accept liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury, illness to horses, owners, riders,
spectators, vehicles, their contents and accessories or any other person or property whatsoever,
whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract or statutory duty in any way whatsoever
of themselves, their servants, agents, employees and all those connected with the Horse Trials
or otherwise.
The Organiser reserves the right to cancel any class or section and divide any class. Transfer
competitors between sections, alter advertised times and refuse an entry.
NOTICES ~ Bibs will not be provided.
In case of abandonment, please call 07976 273289.
In the unlikely event of abandonment, £5 from every entry will be kept by the organiser to cover
cancellation costs; all the remaining monies will be refunded.
If you are able to offer help with the Event please contact Lloyd Hunt on 07976 273289 or email