Stoneleigh Riding Club Two Day Event

Horse Trials

Princethorpe College

28 May, 2022

to 29 May, 2022

Teams & Individuals Open to All

80cm, 90cm,100cm & 100+cm

Sponsored by The Wigley Group and Newton Land Development Property



Princethorpe College


Princethorpe College, Rugby CV23 9PX

Contact Details​


Stoneleigh Riding Club

Event Secretary

Valerie Malka

Entries Secretary

Entries Secretary Contact


Entries Open:


Entries Close:


Classes and Fees:

80cmBE Dressage Test 91 (2009)Senior Individuals
80cmBE Dressage Test 91 (2009)Senior Teams
80cmBE Dressage Test 91 (2009)Junior Individuals
80cmBE Dressage Test 91 (2009)Junior Teams
80cmBE Dressage Test 91 (2009)Schools Individuals
80cmBE Dressage Test 91 (2009)Schools Teams
90cmBE Dressage Test 95 (2012)Senior Individuals
90cmBE Dressage Test 95 (2012)Senior Teams
90cmBE Dressage Test 95 (2012)Junior Individuals
90cmBE Dressage Test 95 (2012)Junior Teams
90cmBE Dressage Test 95 (2012)Schools Individuals
90cmBE Dressage Test 95 (2012)Schools Teams
100cmBE Dressage Test 101 (2009) Mixed Individuals
100cmBE Dressage Test 101 (2009) Mixed Teams
100cmBE Dressage Test 101 (2009)Schools Individuals
100cmBE Dressage Test 101 (2009)Schools Teams
100+cmBE Dressage Test 110Mixed Individuals
Payment Details & Event Fees

Full entries with correct fee by Friday 13 May 2022, but due to the ever increasing popularity of this event entries will be taken in order of receipt and once the competition is full a waiting list will be kept.
You can book using our Secure Online Entry System.
Payment is secure and it goes directly to Stoneleigh Riding Club.
You will receive an email confirmation of your booking and payment

Entry Fee: Individuals £100.00 & Teams £400.00
A single start fee of £10.00 per horse will be levied for medical cover at the point of entry, all notified withdrawals up till the time the competition starts will be refunded this portion of their entry)

Important Information

Show Information

Riding club rules 2022 will apply (With Area5 amendments), please ensure that all HORSES and RIDERS are ELIGIBLE for their classes. The organisers have the right to combine, alter or cancel classes.

When entering teams, please choose between a team of 3 or a team of 4, PLEASE NOTE: if you enter a team of 4, but only have 3 riders, you will be charged for 4 riders. this will not be refunded.

Stabling Information: Yes

Stabling : Will be available off site, please visit our web site ( for the contact list.



Any withdrawals after close of entries will forfeit full entry fee unless places can be filled. In the event that competition is cancelled in part or wholly, for whatever reason, a percentage of entry the fee will be withheld to cover costs.

If the event is cancelled for any reason including Covid-19, refunds will be automatically generated excluding the transaction fee


Terms & Conditions

Princethorpe College, Stoneleigh Riding Club, the organising committee, agents and officials, staff and volunteers, hereby exclude all responsibility and liability for any injury, accident, damage or illness, or any loss whatsoever, and howsoever arising either at the premises, or subsequent to or connected to any attendance at the premises, for any event or purpose, or in any use of facilities and associated facilities, to any person, property or animal.

The organisers of these events have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective everyone attending must also take all reasonable care to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must at all times obey notices and the instructions of the organisers and of all officials and stewards.

The organisers may, at their absolute discretion, decline any entry, or exclude or remove any person/persons or animals from the show or from future shows, or return any entry fee without being required to assign any reason and without being liable for any compensation.

All owners and competitors are personally responsible for damage to third parties caused by themselves, their employees, their agents or their horses or ponies.

Covid-19 – The Two Day Event will be run under all guidelines offered by the UK Government at the time when it takes place, together with the advice and guidance set out at that time by British Riding Clubs. Participants are asked to familiarise themselves with the guidelines and to adhere to them. Entries are accepted on this basis.